Know about wooden flooring and tips for maintenance

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In the above article we have discussed about what is a flooring, floor covering. The various types and kinds of flooring that are used at present. What is a wooden flooring, the services available for wooden flooring. The ways in which these floorings can be taken care is also mentioned as tips.

The covering done permanently to a floor is known as flooring or the insertion of the coverings available in the market to the floor. Floor covering is a term used for the furnishing of the material which is finished over the structure of the floor for providing a proper surface for walking. Both the terms flooring and floor covering is similar but the later one is referred more to the materials that is loose-laid. The materials which are generally used on the floor include area rugs, carpets and flooring that is resilient. The common flooring materials in Sunderland include ceramic tile, wooden flooring, stone etc.

Tips to care of the flooring:

-> You should clean the floor every day with a mop to remove the dirt or dust

-> You should even remove the fallen hair of the pets to avoid scratches

Wooden Flooring:

In today's market there are various varieties of flooring with different styles and prices. Out of the various types, the most popular one is the wooden flooring because it provides classy and fashionable look. The wooden flooring is eco friendly and can be maintained with a minimum cost. This flooring provides more richness to the house and they are also available in different styles. The cleaning time is less and when compared to the carpet flooring the wear and tear is also less. The wooden flooring services are gaining more popularity these days. Flooring Newcastle has various services done in the present days for the wooden flooring are:

-> Staining

-> Sanding

-> Sealing

-> Installation


If you are in want of wooden flooring with a specific colour, the staining process should be done. You will have to be sure and particular in choosing the correct colour for the stain as once it is completed the stain cannot be changed. The duration in which the wooden flooring gets dried is three days.


For the sealing process there are numerous polishes which are available in Morpeth. It is your duty to choose the one which is the best. There are various options which ranges right from seals which are water based to polyurethanes that are oil based to lacquers based on acrylic and oils that are made up of hard wax.


For the purpose of installation you will have to choose the right professional to get the job done in the best manner as it not that easy to fix the wooden flooring in the proper manner. A professional person who has a lump sum experience can do it in an easier manner and can complete the work quickly.


When the wooden flooring is damaged in any manner you need not worry because it can be repaired. You will have to check with the service providers for wooden floorings and enquire whether they are doing the repairing service. The damage may occur due to a worm or where an access of a tradesman had been or a rot due to dry / damp environment.